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If you wish to contact me with questions or to book an appointment with me for an initial consultation you may do so at:


My clinic:
Synergy Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation
235 Wallace Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
Phone: (416) 703-3525

  1. Jo Andrews says:

    Hi, my names Jo and I live in the UK, I came across your site as I’m a yoga teacher and was researching the use of tennis balls! Anyway the reason I am contacting you is that having read your post re back pain and the big toe I’m intrigued by your comment regarding arthritis.

    I have been diagnosed with arthritis in my left big toe which causes all manner of problems not least the fact that I can no longer wear heels, but on the serious side it affects my balances in class. Do you have any suggestions with regards to increasing mobility flexibility etc.

    Kind regards

  2. jessephysio says:

    Jo, email me at and I will give you some advice

  3. Kelli Giumenti says:

    Hi Jesse,
    Love your website.. Wish I lived closer to Toronto. I love Toronto… Im wondering if You know anyone in Ohio. Someone you know that has a practice along the lines that u have.. I have terrible, big toe and lower back pain. I’m told I have “Fibromyalgia” I don’t know who to trust. Came across your site and thought you might know someone close to Canton Ohio… I’m a Young 49 but not feeling it these days.

    Thank you for any advise u might have.


    Kelli Giumenti.

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