Chiropractic vs Physiotherapy…is it really “us vs them”?

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I get asked this one question daily: What is the difference between a chiropractor and a physiotherapist? I often get asked this question after I perform spinal manipulation as most patients usually deem that to be chiropractic territory. My answer to them is never simple as I usually have to explain quite a bit to make my answer make sense. I also do this because I want to give my profession and the chiropractic profession their credit where it is due….and usually by the time I’m done with my answer I’m sure the patient has regretted asking the question in the first place 😉

I usually tell my patients that today’s physio and chiro practice very similar to one another. There are chiropractors that use soft tissue release, ART, acupuncture, modalities, exercise prescription along with spinal manipulation. There are also physiotherapists that do all that as well. I do mention that there are chiro’s that tend to use manipulation as their primary treatment technique and some even use it as their only treatment technique (Yikes!). I get into the philosophical differences between the two professions and how we as physiotherapists have generally been more evidenced based clinicians…but this is changing. However, I ALWAYS say that just as there are quacked out chiropractors, there are also worthless physiotherapists who use ultrasound and heat on anything that walks in their door.

I have many chiropractic friends and for those that don’t know, my own father is a chiropractor who has been in practice for 31 years. I have seen MANY sides of the profession and have done my research. I know the good, the bad, and the ugly of the profession. In all honesty, I am very pleased to see where chiropractic has gone in the past 10 or so years. The CMCC is producing quality, evidenced based neuromusculoskeletal therapists. They have all but done away with subluxation theory and are promoting patient self-care for the management of their pain. I learn a lot from some of the chiropractors I associate myself with and enjoy their take of the rehab profession as they see it. I LOVE how they are rallying against the subluxation based chiropractors in their own profession. They have realized that in order to gain mainstream legitimacy they must be evidenced informed clinicians who do not rely on 110 year old ideas about how the spine and nervous system function.


Physiotherapists and Chiropractors who practice using up to date research as their guide probably do things very similar most of the time. Are there differences in our training? Sure there are, but that does not mean one is better than the other…just different. Today, prominent physiotherapists such as Grey Cook and Mike Reinold are working side by side with amazing chiropractors like Craig Liebenson and and Perry Nickelston. Overall, it has become far less about the letters after your name and more about the quality of work you do that determine the kind of therapist you are.

It is essential that ALL rehab and exercise professionals read and stay current. Also, money should not be their soul purpose for doing what they do. These therapists exist and are doing fantastic work. If you ever need a recommendation for a good physio OR chiro let me know and I’ll be happy to assist.

Happy Holidays,

Jesse Awenus B.A Hons (Kin), MSc.PT
Registered Physiotherapist

  1. jcubos says:


    Thanks for the great write up Jesse.

  2. Stacey says:

    Always a good read Jesse~

  3. Chiropractic is the detection and removal of subluxation in the spine/nervous system through ADJUSTMENTS, to allow a person to function better and express their inborn ability to be the best they can be, as well as heal. This can be Neurologically objectified and proven. This is the ultimate goal, so it seems there is little comparison to any other health provider. There are many Chiropractors that have become Physical Therapists in their actions and intentions, such as some that you mention. This is where the confusion started and will not change. Fortunately there are thousands of quality Chiropractors that practice traditional and true Chiropractic and therefore have zero confusion with other providers. I personally refer to Physical Therapists regularly since I do not do what they do and they also do not perform Chiropractic ADJUSTMENTS. I understand you misunderstand as this is very common, so I respectfully hope this helps you. Feel free to visit my website to learn more. Peace.

    • jessephysio says:

      Hello Dr. Beck,

      First off, thanks for taking the time to read my article. I really appreciate it! I am fully aware of what the philosophy behind chiropractic is and the innate intelligence you refer to in your post. The problem is when you say you are detecting and removing subluxations. I will try to be as respectful as possible when I say that the subluxation is the unicorn of the healthcare industry. Why can only chiropractors detect them as entities needing to be fixed? Furthermore, the chiropractic profession itself doesn’t even know what it is:
      In 1996 an official consensus definition of subluxation was formed. Although many in the chiropractic profession reject the concept of “subluxation” and shun the use of this term as a diagnosis, the presidents of at least a dozen chiropractic colleges of the Association of Chiropractic Colleges developed a consensus definition of “subluxation” in 1996. It reads:

      “A subluxation is a complex of functional and/or structural and/or pathological articular changes that compromise neural integrity and may influence organ system function and general health”

      That definition, which chiro college presidents agreed upon, is quite bad. It basically doesn’t say anything that can be used scientifically for the purposes of research.

      Beyond that, chiropractors who have “become physical therapists” are doing a great service. Why would a client go to a chiropractor who just adjusts subluxations when they can go to one who assesses biomechanically at each joint, can do soft tissue work, modalities, and manipulate the spine only when it is indicated? I feel like the chiropractors who only do one thing will become obsolete in today’s evidenced informed healthcare marketplace.

      I appreciate that you refer your clients to physical therapists when you feel the client is best suited for the form of therapy. It shows me that you respect your clients enough to get them the help they need. I have a few chiropractors that refer to me as well. I never tell the client not to go back, but they have made that choice themselves. I manipulate the spine for fixations at segmental levels and also do it to decrease muscle tone as the literature supports spinal manipulation for its neurophysiological effects. It does not support removing subluxations to prevent or cure colic, ADHD, colitis, diabetes, or even maintain general health etc….as many chiropractors say it does.

      If you have any literature to prove me wrong, please let me know. I would be happy to read it.

      Thank you for reading,


  4. Thanks for your reply Jesse. You stated: “I will try to be as respectful as possible when I say that the subluxation is the unicorn of the healthcare industry. Why can only chiropractors detect them as entities needing to be fixed?”
    To a real Chiropractor this statement shows your lack of expertise in this arena. I have no intention of a having a research battle with an unarmed man. I will say this. The idea of a subluxation is EVOLVING scientifically just like the field of biomechanics, etc. The Nobel Prize winner in science won a few years ago simply because he explained the function and workings of a nerve better. There is literature to support your claims about fixations, but there is also support for what Chiropractors do pertaining to subluxations, that is very measurable. As for the idea that other providers could NOT detect and adjust is false, they could. If you and I sat in my office and I showed you the spinal reflexes, functional testing, Surface Electromyography as well as Thermography, brain wave patterns, motion and or static x-rays all parameters used for measuring a compromised Nerve system I am certain that you would understand. It doesn’t mean you would want to do them but you would definitely have the educational background to understand their importance. Your goals and intentions are different so why would you care to detect a subluxation? This is the same reasoning as for why I do not perform PT of any kind. Why would I duplicate what other providers are adept at already? Since I did have hundreds of hours of Physical Therapy I am aware of much but definitely not ALL the ideas in the profession. I am humble enough to know I do NOT know it all.
    You also stated: “It does not support removing subluxations to prevent or cure colic, ADHD, colitis, diabetes, or even maintain general health etc….as many chiropractors say it does.”
    Basic Neurology shows the relationship of Nervous System and every other system and organ in the body. Gray’s Anatomy in the first 7 pages lists the systems of the body and explains how the Nervous CONTROLS and COORDINATES ALL systems of the body to internal as well as external stimuli. Do you have any specific examples of a Chiropractor stating that they CURE an ailment? This is the general confusion which I will accurately clear up for you and help all of your readers. When a nerve impulse is not firing correctly and specific Chiropractic adjustment assists in allowing the Nerve to impulse correctly it can and WILL impact the organ locally as well as the system globally. This has been shown in multiple research papers and is published in well respected journals. This is not new news. I have also witnessed manipulations and mobilizations NOT change the subluxations patterns and then a specific Chiropractic ADJUSTMENT does. That doesn’t mean you or another health provider couldn’t have this impact but of course being scientifically reproducible will only come with specific intentions and talents.
    So then I ask you, how did my Bronchitis of 15 years, cold extremities of decades as well as my sciatica all clear up after Chiropractic care? How about my patients that have had heart surgeries cancelled, asthma clear up, eyesight improvements, M.S. subside, rare neurological disorders improve, digestive disorders disappear, Failure to Thrive syndrome change, migraines, as well as many other issues improve or completely heal? That does NOT mean that I cured them. It means their body was able to function better and the healing or even improvements came from the most power doctor in the world, themselves. You may choose to belittle this profession or others for the sake of having a blog and pretending that you are an authority figure of all things health related. It would be more impressive if you asked others to ad their expertise instead. It shows that not only do you respect patients and other providers that may not completely agree, it shows your willingness to learn. That is the most powerful thing you could offer your patients.
    Thanks Jesse, I wish you the best.

  5. Sarah Mongold says:

    Hi Jesse,
    Thanks very much for sharing, you offer an interesting perspective. I have to say that I strongly disagree with you on many counts. The idea that a professional is less valuable because they focus only on one thing is almost laughable. Have you tried mentioning to Starbucks lately that they should sell electronics? Or maybe Apple should sell coffee next to the iPhones? Focusing on an area of expertise is not only a smart business move, it provides the highest quality product to the consumer. For your patients, this presents a grave concern, because instead of focusing on providing the highest quality physical therapy, you are spending your time giving “manipulations.” I would say the same to any chiropractor who spends his or her time providing physical therapy modalities instead or focusing on providing a high quality spinal adjustment. So to address the title of your article – is it really chiropractors vs physical therapists – absolutely not! And I agree with you here, there is no reason the two can not work harmoniously together to provide the best care possible, as long as you stick to what you do best, and we’ll do the same. And what we do best is the detection and removal of the vertebral subluxation, for which you would find no shortage of research if you would just open your eyes to it.
    Best wishes.

  6. Sam Taylor, PT says:


    • Giovanni Barricelli says:

      Sam Taylor …or shall we say “Doubting Thomas”,

      Subluxation’s aren’t ELUSIVE. That makes you sound uneducated to begin with. Subluxation was first coined by the medical profession. “Less than a subluxation”.

      “A subluxation is a complex of functional and/or structural and/or pathological articular changes that compromise neural integrity and may influence organ system function and general health”.

      This may be to difficult for you to understand…so, let’s dummy it down a bit. Here we go. You following?

      A subluxation is when a bone has moved in any position “other than normal” therefore putting a pressure or a pinching on the nerve……….(still with me?) thereby, decreasing the nerve flow transmission from the brain to wherever part of the body that nerve was delivering that information.

      To actually have a gold standard “proof” , that would suffice as 100% gold standard isn’t available Thomas. But, we all know this doesn’t exist in the medical field either..

      But, to have patient after patient REPEATEDLY being told they need back surgery because they are strictly looking at THEIR gold standard of treatment and disallowing other treatments as irreputable, then THEY have the issue…Not chiropractic.

      Here,…let’s go over a case I have in my clinic week after week that will make this easier for you to understand.

      A patient walks into a clinic with : Chief complaint of Low Back pain (CC:LBPn).

      MD: Hx: Med. Hx, , Family Hx Past traumas. Blood Pressure Testing, Simple Motor Testing. then whip out a prescription for a pain killer. Then sends the patient on his way home.

      A patient returns to the MD Clinic with : CC: LBPn ……same exact complaint.

      MD: Send patient for radiographs to look for : Fractures, Degeneration, Anomaly of bone or possible Cancerous activity. (Fx, DJD/DDD, Anomaly, CA)….Oh,..and sends the patient to a physiotherapist along with another prescription of pain killer.

      Patient returns after many session of PT: (For the P.T. is trying their best with repair of damaged soft tissue, strengthening of muscles, stretching of necessary muscles, ligament laxity, and repair of cartilage damage)…well done…….but, the nerve interference still exists.

      MD: Will now recommend MRI: for possible (Herniated Nucleus Pulposus) for you cannot diagnose a disc herniation off a simple Radiograph. At this point the patient is still in pain, has spent timeless hours and their money with “often” ineffective results.

      Sure, as pointed out earlier by Jesse, that a PT can get fortunate and spinal manipulate a bone and “presto” the pain dissipates. But, that is more times lucky than knowledgeable.
      But,…why will the pain often return within a few days? Wasn’t the pain resolved? Of course it will.

      The chiropractor has other things to consider besides a spinal manipulation. (Postural distortion, ligament laxity, musculature deviation, S.T., etc…)

      So, Thomas, our PROOF is in the patient’s well being. If you have someone perform the same rituals over and over, to noneffective results, (e.g. going to the M.D. and being told a vertebral subluxation requires surgery). just because you were TOLD that is the norm,……. does it make it right? PROOF, PROOF, PROOF. Sit in the chiropractors office and ask these well educated and well to do patients why they would chose Chirpractic.

      Sam, I apologize for using the “Doubting Thomas” card on you, but it irks me when I see people as yourself, who simply lack the educational understanding or just WISH to lack the knowledge, and pretend to know what they are talking about.

      Dr. Giovanni L. Barricelli , D.C.

  7. Well Sam Taylor, that’s your job to read about Neurology, as well as several journals that will answer ALL of your 5 questions. Start w/ JMPT if that makes it easier for you. Then move onto JVSR, and then you can do some extra light reading in any Neurology journal. Much of the proof has been researched and published by MDs interestingly. Seems from your parochial level of knowledge blending with your condescending attitude you will never do your due diligence but will continue your ignorance to the detriment to every patient that should be so lucky to have you as their glorified massage therapist.

  8. Sam Taylor, PT says:

    I should have said “mythical” subluxation! Even within your own profession, no one can agree on what a subluxation is, or how to detect or analyze it, or how to correct it! There are over 300 different techniques, and most are contradicting what the others are saying!!! It’s a big joke! Most of your benefits are placebo, and you have to be a charismatic super-salesman to get a successful practice going! Come on, get real…subluxation is a myth!!!

    • Sam,
      As a Physical Therapist you like to call yourself a scientist. Scientists measure results. Is it mythical or placebo when 10 month old baby has had fluid in his ears and ear infections constantly for 6 months, is referred to a EENT for possible surgery but goes to a chiropractor for 2 adjustments and shows up at the EENT’s office a week later and ears are CLEAR? Or- Is it mythical or placebo when a child who has never made it thru a winter without hospitalization for asthma starts seeing a chiropractor and never has another attack? -Yeh, I know -he just coincidentally “outgrew” the asthma he’s had for 8 years one month after seeing a chiropractor. Talk about mythical & placebo, anyone that knows the literature knows there’s little or no evidence to support ultrasound. But you fail to mention that; the things that are mythical to you are the ones you’re not open enough to try to understand. As for the number of techniques we have, how many drugs do medical doctors have for -say- high blood pressure? why can’t they agree on just one? and why can’t they agree to address the CAUSE- a crappy diet and lack of exercise. Yes we have many techniques, no we don’t always agree- don’t you have colleagues you disagree with? If you don’t, then you’re entirely useless.

  9. jessephysio says:

    Please check out my new blog for a reply regarding subluxation theory. As always, comments and questions are always welcome!

  10. Marc says:

    Sam PT

    Any clinician who performs spinal manipulation is manipulating “something”. Most of the scientific literature produced by DCs, PTs, DOs, DVMs, MDs, etc. refer to this as joint dysfunction. Historically the chiropractic profession has called this joint dysfunction a subluxation. It’s just a word. Any informed clinician would realize that the chiropractic profession, including the World Federation of Chiropractic, does not support the antiquated view that subluxation is causative for disease. Despite what a minority of chiropractors claim (including Dr. Beck) and a minority practice (subluxaton-based/unimodal adjustive chiropractic) they do not represent the majority of DCs. Quite frankly, the educational curricula has swung completely towards neuromusculoskeletal specialists. That’s not to say there’s no room for wellness, because that’s a great paradigm.

    The primary difference between DCs and PTs can probably be summed up by the fact that DCs have always been in a holistic paradigm and DCs primary method of treatment is manual medicine. Spinal manipulation will always be the core of chiropractic clinical practice, but today’s generation of DCs are well versed in soft tissue manipulation and other adjunctive therapies such as exercise, acupuncture, etc. So, in summary Dr. Beck’s “straight” chiropractic approach is on the downward trend, and could very well be referred to as fringe as of today. This doesn’t make me any less Chiropractor than Dr. Beck, who might come back with a special plead that I’m not practicing “true” chiropractic, but I am practicing holistic, manual medicine which is what Palmer was advocating from the beginning. But I digress..

    • Amazing how honest I chose to be on this blog, I had no idea I would be speaking with angry, jealous punks. So far the level of ignorance in the comments astounds me. How pernicious can a person be? Thankfully I take care of many people that have been to the “best” physical therapists, neurologists, surgeons, you name it. Then because of placebo they get well in my office? What a bunch ignorant fools you all are. It’s sick that you would make these judgements without actually stepping foot in my office and watching what happens and how objective the information is. I refer to every health provider available and yet none of them can even come close to what I do for bringing health back to the body and mind, so I understand the jealousy from little minds. Sam, you have a lot to learn about Chiropractic, but I have no idea why you would want to. Just make sure you keep my info so when you have a desperate family member they will know how to contact me. Obviously the glorified physical therapists that you call Chiropractors certainly won’t be able to help you. As for Sam Taylor, your toxic and vindictive punk attitude is sad and only damages yourself. Your patients must be really happy with the hot packs and colds packs you throw on them. I could teach my kids to do what you do. You’re a cancer in the health profession that needs treatment.

  11. Dr_Sam says:

    It amazes me that anyone cannot believe that something is/has interfered with their bodies ability to heal, ability to communicate properly, ability to adapt to life and life’s many stresses. The loss of this communication is referenced in ChiropracTIC as the ‘Vertebral Subluxation”. They do exist!

    If we are to just mark up people getting better under ChiropracTIC care as, Chance or the Placebo Effect, then you are still acknowledging the power of the human body and the human mind. You acknowledge that healing does come from within and that evidently that the Nervous System has something to do with that.

    I think that the confusion comes when one thinks that ChiropracTIC or any other profession “heals” or “cures” – they can only assist the potential of any living organism to sustain life, to adapt, to better communicate. ChiropracTIC simply assists the body in the removal of a communication error or distraction in the body’s communication system – The Nervous System – by applying a gentle force (ChiropracTIC Adjustment – not ‘manipulation’) to the vertebra(e) determined to be affecting the body’s communication life line. This adjustment is simply accepted by the body and then and only then the body does with it what it will in order to maximize it’s healing potential. Chiropractor’s or any other Doctor on the face of the planet do not healing or curing of any disease, dis-ease or dysfunction.

    Why do you find it so hard to believe that ChiropracTIC can and does help others overcome life’s adaptation issues, life’s stress’ and cause the body to do better at what it’s supposed to do – survive?

    If a person is scanned for cancer on Monday and schedule for treatment to begin on Friday and they have a doubt and want to be scanned again and the cancer is no where to be seen – How do you explain that scientifically?

    Life is full of Miracles! That is if you believe. ChiropracTIC allows the body to perform its best – to facilitate Miracles!

    You want explanation of ChiropracTIC, Vertebral Subluxations, and proof any of it works. That is funny – because we still have yet to explain completely how the body works and does what it does anyway!

    It is ok to not believe in everything – but, DON’T EVER DISREGARD THE MIRACULOUS HEALING OF THE HUMAN BODY.

    It is interesting that not too long ago – THE WORLD WAS CONSIDERED FLAT!

  12. Dr. Chris Chase says:

    It’s funny, how PT’s now use “nerve mobilization” and manipulations.

    Yet, just a few years ago – it was not in the respected tool box of the PT. So, one profession, PT moves toward the chiropractic focus and unbelievable that the chiropractic side has moved into the arena of the PT.

    Patients are confused and Chiropractors and PT have muddled the waters.

    I to refer to PT and they refer to me as well. I DO NOT do what PT’s do and the PT’s DON”T want to do (in my area) what I do, we have a mutual respect.

    And, Chiropractors do not claim to cure disease – a timeless bash, to be sure. A few Chiropractors still acknowledge subluxation ( PT’s may call it something else, segmental dysfunction, etc.) and it’s adverse effects on the CNS.

    Had a patient diagnosed with mal debarkment syndrome, and treated by John’s Hopkins Neuro’s – with poor results.

    I detected a C2 abnormal rotation (subluxation), then gave 1… two sec Chiropractic adjustment, symptoms gone, he can work and drive again. Chiropractic helped, because we focus on something different – NOT better, but different than traditional healthcare.

    Did I cure him? No – his body did the work, but I found the SUBLUXATION.

  13. Thomas Marsh, MD says:

    It’s funny how the “priests” of the chiropractic cult make up this mythical & elusive entity called “subluxation”, that not only can no one in the real scientific world detect, but even within their own profession, no one can agree on what it is, how to dectect it, or how to correct it, with a myriad of techniques that often contradict eachother. Then, they add that they are not concerned with your symptoms, or whether or not they get better or worse, because they aren’t treating your symptoms, and you’re simply better off without these “subluxations”. And of course, only the “priests” of chiropractic have the skills to detect and correct them! It sounds like a religion to me!!! Sam Taylor, you called it exactly as it is!

    • Sarah Mongold says:

      Dr Marsh,
      Thanks for the discussion – I’ll respectfully reply and hope that you would take a deeper look at the issues you raised in your post.
      To begin: a subluxation is a vertebrae that has lost its proper juxtaposition and is thereby interfering with the function of the nervous system. Research has shown that a subluxation very rarely causes pinching of a nerve, as was originally believed, but is more likely to elicit its effects via dysafferentation, alterations of sympathetic tone, etc. Today, chiropractors use a wide range of technology and skills to detect the presence of subluxation (many terms could be used which would essentially describe the same thing i.e. segmental spinal dysfunction)
      I do not believe there is any reason that only chiropractors could detect and correct subluxations. Anyone who would be willing to dedicate their time to understanding the philosophy, science, and art of chiropractic could theoretically do so. Some schools have proposed ideas such as joint MD/DC programs. However, as I mentioned in my previous post, in the interest of providing quality patient care I’m not convinced that this is a great solution. I’m sure you can agree you’d like a prostate exam from someone who specializes in that, and your spinal/nervous system exam from someone who also is a specialist, and hopefully they not mix the two 🙂
      You bring up a good point about the disagreement within the profession about the exact characteristics of subluxation and how to best correct them. There are, as has been mentioned in this thread, many different techniques. However, this may not be such a great downfall as you portray it to be, and it also may not be that different from any other health profession. For example – can you give me an exact case definition of autism? With what symptoms will a child with rheumatic fever present? Sure, you have a general idea, but any one patient may not have all the symptoms you’d expect, or may have other symptoms that do not fit the case definition at all. Similarly, no one with a subluxation will have the exact same presentation, but that does not make it any less valid of a health concern. Furthermore, just as no cardiac surgeon would perform a coronary bypass EXACTLY the same way, neither would two chiropractors perform exactly the same adjustment. But they are both working toward the same goal. The beauty in this is that there are many avenues through which the patient can be helped – isn’t that the goal?
      Finally, I am not a priest. I am just a student. And there are chiropractors – just as there are MDs, DOs, PTs, you name it – who I believe do a great disservice to the healthcare profession and to their patients through their actions. However, there are chiropractors who are intelligent, articulate, extremely educated (did you know a DC degree actually requires more credit hours than an MD?) and have a passion to serve that has led them to help so many people. That is what I strive to be. I have a great respect for all forms of health care and I believe there is a place for all of them. Are you really sure that you are informed enough on the issue to assert that your approach is so superior?

    • Wow,….are you incredibly under-educated. The “Priests” of chiropractic. My goodness. Is this the ignorant philosophy you push on to your patients?…I bet it is. Which would be the reason, I bet you aren’t that successful as a “doctor”. Even the brightest MD’s have an “open mind” and many are quite interested in deeper learning and have learned about chiropractic.
      Subluxation therapy is taught in chiropractic, and how to find or detect a subluxation is not that difficult. I cannot tell you how many surgeons , GP’s , etc… have either NOT recommended chiropractic, but chose to go ‘the way of the knife’. This CULT you claim, has incredibly informed and educated people as patients. Millionaires, billionaires. Hate to think they’d waste their hard earned money on a CULT,…don’t you think?
      Your narrow scope of thought is quite appalling.
      Why is it that 6 out of 6 medical doctors recommended back surgery on a patient of mine with severe LBPn : cause a reversed lumbar spine…yikes! Sounds like the need for surgery yeah? 3 months that spine of his was reversed. (Proprioceptive training, chiropractic and orthogonal exercises)…Simple as miracle, no surgery.
      e.g.#2. Patient comes in POST surgery. Flew to a hospital for a $30k surgery. Result? Partial paralysis and pain/numbness down the right leg. Existing pain for 5 years. (I got the patient out of pain the first week. Had repetitive care for 4 months). Pt. comes in for maintenance 3x a year now. No pain ever again.
      e.g.#3. Cervical Radiculopathy w/ accompanying neck stiffness, intrascapular pain and heaviness down right deltoid. Proper chiropractic care, postural work (cervicothoracic training). No pain again after 2 months. (This occurs weekly in most chiropractors clinics).
      e.g.#4. Pt. comes in 21 yrs old. Never has walked without a walker since her car accident at age 2. Pelvic rotation, and multiple surgeries from neurological down to ligament removal in her legs. 7 months of care. Patient is walking without a walker for 4 minutes. In addition, pelvic rotation is back to normal. In addition to that, a personality change in the patient.
      e.g. #5—–etc…. I could do this all day long. SO,…..I’m either a priest or a God in this guy’s opinion. NEITHER. It’s one thing to be a lay person and make uneducated remarks. It’s another to be a supposed MD and make ignorant, argumentative, misinformed and derogatory comments to try and make themselves look better. Tsk tsk….shame on you.

  14. Todd says:

    Chiroquacktic sure sounds a lot like scientology to me.

    • Sarah Mongold says:

      Sorry, I don’t really see the connection. Granted, I don’t really know much about scientology and I prefer not to make generalizations about topics in which I’m vastly uneducated… can you explain?

  15. heidi says:

    Live in kitchener waterloo ontario canada
    Have had radiographs done and it has been
    Determined a left hip replacement is
    Required in the nxt few years.
    Due to financial restraints pain managenent
    Has been the primary focus. I have a 3-4
    Inch discrepancy from right to left
    Will i benefit more from chiropractic or
    Physio or acupuncture?
    Appreciate the advice.
    Also a recommendation for a good practioner
    If u know one in my area.

    • Dr. Ken says:

      Hi Heidi,
      I was just passing by and happen to see your post. Not sure if this blog is very active lately due to the dates given above. I am an American Chiropractor that practices in Brazil. Without knowing your history it is very difficult to properly recommend to you the best course of action. I suggest you find a respectable Doctor of Chiropractic (with experience in such matters) so that he or she can take a good history and perform the appropriate exams to determine the best course of action. A partial or complete hip replacement may be necessary, but conservative care should always be recommended and sought after first! There can be various problems involved in this case (foot/ankle, low back, muscular instability/imbalance, previous injury, etc.) Hope this helps a bit.

      Have a nice day

  16. Heidi…..send me pics of your radiographs and I’ll let you know. 3-4 inch does sound extreme, but seeing the RIGHT chiropractor is important. Just like the profession of medicine, you have those that can handle this easily, and those that wish they could. Peace. Hope all is well. Dr. G

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