2 BIG Announcements

Posted: May 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hello Blog readers. Today I have 2 very exciting announcements to make that I’m sure will be of interest to all of you wonderful people:

1) I have joined up with www.physioanswers.com to help write small articles on real life matters related to your health and wellness. This site is simple it nature–it is just a bunch of very smart professionals from across the world who have come together to make an easy to navigate site with great articles for your health. And it is 100% free!!

2) Have you ever wished you had access to easy to follow, professionally made exercise videos for either yourself or your patients? There are a bunch on youtube, but they are of sub par quality and don’t give the viewer all the tools to really understand how to do a simple exercise. Well in the coming months, me and my colleague (and friend) Scott Stanger are teaming up to produce a first class website with exercise videos. Professionally shot, with text, video and voice to help fully explain exercises. This site will be easy to navigate and will surely help your patients out with exercises…because really, are the pictures on paper showing exercises really helping our patients understand what to do? I think not. Scott and I want to change all of that. Our site will show rehab exercises from simple clam shells and side lying external rotation to more complicated movements like single leg deadlifts or turkish get-ups. More information on this to come as we develop and fine toon it for its big debut.

Please comment with any suggestions you have for either announcement and I will be sure to listen!!

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