Novel re-set exercise for hip and knee pain

Posted: March 14, 2016 in Uncategorized

Below is a video of what I am calling a side plank hip thrust that has been working very well in clinic as a quick “trick” to help those suffering from anterior hip and or knee pain. If someone comes to you complaining of an anterior pinch with squatting or pain behind the patella, this exercise can work quite well at reducing that pain almost immediately.

I think it works so well because it provides a non threatening stimulus to the hip and knee that does not involve direct weight bearing through those joints. I’m sure it could also be effective for those with back or even shoulder pain for the same reason.

This exercise is kind of a lower body all in one movement. It targets both gluteus medius, gluteus maximus, the QL and obliques in both concentric and isometric contractions. So if a patient is low on time and eager to get better, be sure to prescribe this as part of a hip and knee mobility and stability program. I am under no false illusion that any pain relief felt from doing this in the clinic will be short lived if it’s not followed up with other tools to get the patient moving in other non-threatening ways. This is just another cool exercise that most patients can”feel” working right away.

Credit for this goes to Dr. Craig Liebenson.

This was shot in my living room, sorry for the sub-par quality! It’s hard finding cameramen in a busy clinic while at work so this one was done at home on my floor 🙂

  1. Sarah C. says:

    Jesse I write to you about the big toe and never got a response, could really use your advice

  2. jessephysio says:

    Hi Sarah, what do you mean you wrote to me about the big toe? What can I help you with?

  3. Terry says:

    Wow. Extremely inventive. I will definitely start using this exercise!

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