Dr. Stuart McGill Interview

Posted: April 14, 2016 in Uncategorized

I had the pleasure of interviewing a true leader in the field of low back disorders. In this interview we discuss:

  •  Is there a “best exercise” those with back pain can do in the gym?
  •  Is there a role for manual therapy in the treatment of back pain? You will be surprised at what he says on this topic
  • Is neutral spine really any safer then a flexed spine during loaded activities?
    Can we really use pig spine model studies to learn how our own discs work? Is it generalizable to the pubic?
  • How does bioemechanics reconcile all the emerging evidence showing the psychosocial components to back pain? This was a VERY interesting question for him to answer
  • Why Rory Mcilroy will have the same fate as Tiger Woods when it comes to back pain…

And so much more!

You can purchase his books or see when he is in your city for a course by going to http://www.backfitpro.com

I hope you enjoyed listening to this as much as I enjoyed making it.

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